San Gabriel operated six persian lime groves over 300 acres. 15% of San Gabriel total exportation. Other sources are buyed to producers of Mtz. De la Torre region, that meet the standars of our enterprice.

Successfully we been introduced San Gabriel brand names in international markets, we stablished a recognized of our products and our name in the United States, UK, …..

Thanks to the natural conditions of our land and the practice of our Program (Good Practice of Agriculture) in our groves we achived EUREPGA certification since 2003. We are proud of our capacity to continued with the excellence in quality products, and sostein standars to be the best.

We have experience of more than 15 years in the lemon bussienes and a technical equipment specialized in persian lemon production. Most of exportation products are produced in our groves, with very small percentage of suplly of small productors, already trained and selected by our own staff.

San Gabriel plant exports lemons to 10 different markets around the world with many and different kind of packing to satisfy each client. Delivery its made by air, sea and ground with our own transportation fleet to delivered in the U.S market.